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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Only You Can Help Yourself

What we lost is something that out of my mind. Look what've we become? Strangers with memories. Memory that i want to remove from my mind. Its okay life goes on.

I am that girl that always be strong no matter how weak i am. Stand up, look forward, and live my life.

Don't try to come back. You never know how struggle my life is. You never know how hard i live my life. You never know how lifeless and sleepless my day after you broke me into a million pieces.

"People will break you, keep you down, bring you down but never let them do that. Always be strong. Its okay if you feel the pain, its okay if you feel like wanna crying. just cry if thats make you okay. No one will help you if you don't push yourself. Only you can help yourself." I always remind myself about that.

Don't worry. Time will heal it. Smile. :)

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